Simple graphical multiplatform tool based on Image Tagger, adapted for stock photo agencies. It is (yet another) wrapper arround ExifTool. Keywording and describing images are made very simple with sorting and removing duplicates, and drag/drop and copy/paste of metadata functionality.

Stock Photo Tagger - Full screen

Thumbnails and metadata block:
  • Image resolution embeeded in thumbnail
  • Metadata block with Title, Description and Keywords
  • Drag/Drop to photo agency website
  • Undo/Redo functionality
Full screen

Stock Photo Tagger - Keywording

Keywording of an image in comma separated form:
  • Remove duplicate keywords
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Count keywords as you type
  • Count characters in Title and Description as you type

Stock Photo Tagger - Missing tags

Missing tags are shown in red color:
  • Name of the image with missing tags shown in red
  • In the parenthesis is shown what is missing:
  • T - title
  • D - description
  • K - keywords
Missing tags

Tags for multiple images

Multiple images tagged with the same keywords:
  • Select multiple images with Shift/Ctrl + click
  • Metadata from first selected imag stays in metadata block
  • Save applies metadata on all selected images
  • All metadata can be also copied/pasted from some other image
Multiple images

Getting started

REQUIREMENTS for running this tool are:
1. Java 1.7 (download here), and
2. ExifTool (download here).
For "Java", the minimum JRE version 1.7 is required. "ExifTool" for windows comes as "exiftool(-k).exe" which needs to be renamed to "exiftool.exe".

RUNNING Stock Photo Tagger:
Extract stockphototagger zip file, go to extraction directory and execute:
java -jar stockphototagger.jar
There are also "stockphototagger.bat" for windows and "" for linux provided which could be used instead. Only for the first time the tool asks for location of ExifTool (if not found on the path), and then the path is stored in properties.


All of my stock photographic work is handled by this application. After the postprocessing of the photos, all the tagging is done in the application with duplication check and sorting of keywords. Resolution printed in the corner of the thumbnail gives the information about in which stock photo agency the photo could be sent. Multiple directories could be accessed and metadata copied/pasted. Also, if the multiple photos are selected, the metadata from the first one is active and can be saved to all the selected photos.

Finally, selected photos can be dragged/dropped in a stock photo agency upload window (like here in Shutterstock).


If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me at I hope that you find this tool helpful! If you do, also don't hasitate to give a small donation for further development :)